Doctor recruitment services for the NHS

Doctor recruitment services for the NHS


The Fratrem Group NHS recruitment division works with the NHS and specialises in recruiting for hard-to-fill physicians and surgeon vacancies.

Why does the Fratrem Group get asked to fill vacancies when other agencies have failed?

(1) We are a recruitment team consisting of qualified medical professionals recruiting other medical professionals. So unlike most 95% of agencies, we know what we are talking about.

(2) The Fratrem Group is a medical education company that has expanded into recruitment. This means from delivering all of the med-ed courses for the last 12 years, the group has generated over 100,000 doctors in our database from the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East.

(3) We charge reasonable rates as we believe the NHS should be treated with respect.

(4) We are not trying to impress you with fancy websites, fluffy language and unrealistic promises.  If we cannot recruit for a position, we will tell you straight away and not waste your time.

Contact Dr Mahir to discuss your physician and surgeon vacancies.



Dr Mahir Yousif