Fratrem USA

The Fratrem Group (FG) USA provides services to private healthcare providers and commercial healthcare companies.

FG  holds a license as an accredited international CPD/CME provider of online education for Healthcare Professionals. FG is accredited and regulated by the UK-based CPDSO. CME/CPD Provider Number: CPDSO 50212.

Over the last 10 years, FG has actively engaged with thousands of medical professionals and has an up-to-date contact database of over 80,000+ medical professionals in the USA.


Private healthcare providers

1. FG provides CME webinars to NHS HCPs in the area your private healthcare provider works to generate increased referrals.

2. The Fratrem Group provide bespoke in-person and online CME. education/training for physicians, surgeons,  and nurses.

  • FG work with leading physicians,  surgeons,  and nurses around the country; we create bespoke courses to train your team.
  • The advantage of using FG is that because it’s all bespoke, the content provided is based on the latest research and practices.
  • FG work across all disciplines of medicine including the latest robotic surgery techniques.

3. FG offer dedicated professional recruitment services for physicians,  surgeons,  and nurses.

Commercial companies in healthcare

1. FG provides engagement services, with your target audience, on subject matters that your company’s products/services sell into. FG provides CME accredited:

  • In-person physical events.
  • Webinars.
  • Masterclass sessions.
  • Panel discussions with key opinion leaders.

2. Market intelligence discussions with key opinion leaders.

3. In-depth landscape and competitor market research.

4. Establishing trials / pilot studies / case study of your product or service.

5. Market entry and development services into the markets of the UK, EU, Middle East and South Africa.



If you would like to learn more about Fratrem Group USA, please contact John.